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On-Demand Fast Track Webinar One-on-One Forex Workshop

The One-on-one online webinar Fast Track workshop brings you one step closer in becoming Pro Trader. Our Students are assessed on their individual risk appetite to create a risk profile and an individual trade plan customized to the individual trader.

The one-on-one live online webinar workshop expands on the content for your Forex  Mastery Degree and trains the student to read the market using  real time MT4&5. This is where the knowledge of the technical and macro-economic fundamentals merge together to provide the student with the foundations for their daily trade routine.

Why sign up for our On-Demand Fast Track Webinar One-on-One Forex Workshop

  • It’s an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to learn from Professional Traders.
  • Learn how you can potentially identify buying and selling opportunities like a Pro.
  • Discover the reasons why  traders lose and what steps you can take to avoiding the pitfalls of trading.
  • Learn how to acquire the skills you need to be your own Pro Trader.
  • Learn the advantage in trading a recession market, one that you can trade in bullish and bearish market conditions.

You will learn how to assess the trading opportunity and categorize it for the proper risk level and how to take advantage of the trading opportunity. Once they have these details your individual trade plans will take over and control your capital management and exit levels. By the time the full one-on-one online webinar workshop concludes student trader will have complete confidence and control over their trading activities, they will understand how the market works and how to execute efficiently using all the trading tools.

The path is designed to take you from zero to a Pro Trader level with our one-on-one online live webinar workshops. FMC provides courses and workshops that are ultra-flexible, since it allows each trader to start and pause the course to fit your on demand schedule and lifestyle.

If a student is already experienced and successful he or she doesn’t have to start at the beginners level – but can instantly qualify as a Pro Trader and move on to the proper module to finalize your forex course and workshop. If a student is new he or she can start by taking the beginners courses available on our site.